Treasure Map

 Today was a day of exploring and treasure map fun!
My kids have been loving Jake and the Never Land Pirates lately and today we decided to make our very own treasure map.
 This was one my daughter had so much fun planning out what was going to be under each door. 
We gathered up all the necessary things…card stock, all different colors of tissue paper, scissors, a pen, some stickers, and a roll of masking tape.
 This project included tons of fine motor skills
cutting, tearing, pinching, rolling, folding…the list goes on and on.
 We cut the tissue paper into little squares, pulled out some masking tape and made little tape donut circles to tape the tissue paper to the construction paper.
Pulling and tearing the masking tape worked on her stability.
Stability is the strength and balance control to keep one part of the body still while another part moves.
 The card stock was folded and different shapes cut out.   I helped her cut out windows and doors for the different tissue papers to be hidden behind. Folding the paper and cutting was a great use of bilateral coordination.
Bilateral coordination is the efficient use of both hands during
activities.  One hand will manipulate while the other is the ‘helping
hand.’  Bilateral coordination development will lead to hand dominance
(right- or left-handed).
 Each door got a beautiful sticker on it (they needed doorknobs- of course!)
And last but not least, we needed a treasure!  This nickel was the perfect treasure. 
 I  finished the map by drawing some lines to connect the windows and doors.  This map will last for many a treasure hunt!  “Yo-Ho-Ho!”

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