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Summer Occupational Therapy Activities

With the end of the school year upon us, many kids are excited for the days of summer ahead! But did you ever stop and think about how the basic play of summer is a goldmine of motor and sensory activities that can boost those underlying skills kids NEED through play? Use the summer resources for parents, teachers, and therapists to develop underlying skills in very fun ways! These are AWESOME summer occupational therapy activities!

Occupational therapists can use these summer occupational therapy activities when planning OT home programs for for summer programs.

Summer Occupational Therapy Activities 

In many areas, schools are winding down for the year. You may have a few weeks or a few days left. The daily countdown of number of remaining school days is dwindling.

▪ You might be wondering how to keep the kids busy this summer without breaking the bank.

▪ You might be a clinician thinking about summer programing and need a few fresh ideas.

▪ You might be thinking about summer plans and ways to encourage development in fun ways the whole family can enjoy.

▪ You might be a therapist putting together summer home programs.

▪ You might be a teacher who is READY for the final bell to ring this school year :)

I wanted to put together a list of resources for summer activities that can boost the skills kids need. The "summer slide" can happen in handwriting and other school-based therapy goal areas, too!

Summer Occupational Therapy Activity Resources for Parents, Teachers, and Therapists:

~ Do some or all of the activities listed here in this Sensory Summer Camp at Home plan. All of the activities and ideas are free and use items you probably already have.

~ Sneak in handwriting practice while traveling with these motivating and authentic ideas. HERE are a few MORE natural writing experiences for summer that keep those pencils moving.

~ Try some of the activities in this Summer Activity Guide designed to encourage play and creativity in activities for the whole family.

~ Practice the motor planning and fine motor skills needed for handwriting and with a sensory twist using the ideas outlined in this Sensory Handwriting Backyard Summer Camp.

~ Try these Backyard Vestibular Activities for Summer to encourage movement and sensory experiences right in the backyard.

~ Print off this June Occupational Therapy Calendar for ideas to last the whole month. (It's from a couple of years back so the dates are off, but the activities still work!) In fact, you can grab July and August calendars here on our Subscriber-Only Free Resource Library.

~ These no-prep, basically free summer activities won't break the bank and boost the underlying skills kids NEED, in fun ways.

~ Use sidewalk chalk to boost fine motor skills.

~Make a summer time capsule with the whole family and create memories that can be looked back on years from now. 

~Create a summer kick-off bucket filled with toys and items for months of sensory play. 

~The kids will love these frozen fruit kabob snacks. It's a great alerting sensory snack that doubles as a healthy summer treat.

The ideas listed above should help you create therapy home programs, and keep the kids loaded up on creative, open-ended, and movement-based PLAY that their little bodies NEED!

Use these summer occupational therapy activities when planning sensory activities, fine motor, and gross motor developmental ideas for kids.