Summer Writing Lists


Each Summer, kids lose handwriting skills because they don’t get the practice they need. These Summer themed writing prompts are list-based, making them meaningful and motivating for handwriting practice. Work through one list each week to work on letter formation, letter size, spacing, line use, and handwriting skills all summer long.

Includes 28 pages of writing lists.

Each list topic comes in 2 modified paper formats for working on handwriting skills. Each page includes a drawing prompt and a self-assessment checklist so kids build carryover.


This Summer Writing Lists set is a printable collection of 28 writing pages. This print and go packet includes 28 pages of list-formatted writing prompts, in 2 styles of modified lines. Kids can write out lists of words each week based on the writing prompt and work on letter formation, letter size, line use, legibility, and more. Includes a drawing prompt and self-assessment checklist to promote carryover of writing skills.

  • Includes 2 types of modified paper
  • Includes 13 different writing prompts
  • Each page has a self-assessment checklist for the user to check over their writing skills
  • Each page includes a drawing prompt for additional pencil control skills

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