Experiments with Storytelling

Today was our first day back into routine after the holidays.  The husband was back at work and my nephew Baby Boy,
(who, along with Baby Girl, probably need new “names” since they definitely Think they are big kids…but in reality, really are Toddlers, not Babies…But I’m not ready for that yet.  SO, Babies they will stay!)
was back with us as everyone went back to work…we resumed our routines.
I had this little play area set up today for an invitation to read.

Of course, Big Sister jumped right into the role of teacher/librarian.  She loves being the boss Big Kid who can tell the littler kids all about life at pre-K, dance class, and every other place that only she know about since she is the Big One in the family.  You know, how life is on the Pre-K streets 😉

Storytelling at it’s finest!  She was reading to all of her “students” from a book that she wasn’t too familiar with.  Sometimes, if we’ve read a favorite book maaaaaaaany times,
she can memorize the words and story lines of a whole book.
Doing the rote memory thing is great! It is so empowering…allowing them to gain confidence, learn beginning/middle/end transitions, and lets them test voices, feelings, and  sound effects.
A step beyond memorization reading is when they build a story based on the pictures they see in a book.  They can elaborate on experiences and use their imagination to follow the pictures.  At this stage, a child is testing their confidence in concepts of beginning/middle/end, depicting feelings, dialogue, and transitions.  Big Sister throws out a lot of reeeallly excited “And THEN”s as she turns the pages 🙂
It is really fun to see where the story goes when she reads to her students.  There is a lot of switching roles, changing focus (getting distracted by details in a picture), and stories based around the girls in the pictures 🙂
Baby Girl is a willing “student”!
She also loooves doing what the Big Kids do…


Baby Boy is a little tired from all these stories!  It’s nap time for this guy.

So, What are some other ways to “Experiment with Storytelling” and build on SO many concepts?

~ Use a puppet to tell the story, quiz the children on colors, ask ‘what happens next’, pique their curiosity, question emotional states.
~Play the Director Game: The child tells the story as Mom/Dad writes it down. Draw pictures to go along with the story.  Read it together.  Save it forever 🙂
~Tell a story about this morning’s experience.  Recount details/characters/feelings.  Add surprise endings for fun.
~Act out a favorite story using super hero figures, Little People…whatever in on hand and a favorite in your house.
~Tell a story based on one of your child’s drawings.  Scribbles are detailed drawings, too 🙂
~Tantalizing with Storytelling: Set up an invitation to play like ours!  You could also sit on a big comfy blanket with lots of pillows and start reading to yourself.  Use fun voices and sounds…See how long it takes for little kiddos to climb up into your lap :

Enjoy today!

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  1. Beyond sweet! We still do read alouds- the older kids often have books going with the youngers, even while I have a book going too! We often do playmobile re-enactments : ) Lots of fun!

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