How to Make Feather Flowers

If you have feathers and a few other craft materials on hand, you’ll this tutorial on how to make feather flowers. It’s a great fine motor craft for occupational therapy sessions because of the sensory textural experience and the fine motor opportunity. Kids of all ages will love these feather flowers!

How to Make Feather Flowers

These feather flowers are a great flower craft that are easy to make.

This was a super simple flower craft for the kids to make one afternoon.  We used a few craft materials we had on hand and loved the results!
Other feather activities include our burlap weaving activity and our feather beading activity. Each feather activity develops fine motor skills in different ways.


Easy flower craft for kids to make




How to Make Feather Flowers:

  1. Start with paper and paint.

    Paint paper with any type of paint. We used a regular painter’s brush for something different this time.  The brush strokes turned out textured and great for a background. This is a great opportunity to reuse and recycle crafts into artwork.

  2. Glue on a section from an egg carton.

    Paint the egg carton section, too. Once the paper was dry, glue on a purple section of painted egg cartons. 

  3. Add feathers.

    Add some glue to the paper around the egg carton and stick on the feathers.  These were our flower’s petals.

  Baby Girl is as much a fan of purple as she is of painting.  We have a lot of papers with purple paint all over them around here…


Crafts with Toddlers are messy!  Fun, absolutely!  Messy, definitely!

Once the flower was covered with yellow feathers, we used a few quill feathers as the stem and petals.  Keeping with the feather theme.

Our feather flower was done!  It’s now hanging beautifully in our dining room.  Baby Girl is proud of her flower craft. 

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