dramatic play

These dramatic play ideas are fun ways to support so many areas of child development using creative small world play. Check out the dramatic play ideas below! Dramatic play is a developmental part of the play age and stages that children progress through.

Dramatic play includes two types of play:

  • Structured Play: Structured play involves rules in games or guided play
  • Unstructured Play: Unstructured play is a creative and open-ended play scenario. The child leads the play.

Dramatic Play Ideas

Dramatic play is a meaningful and motivating way to play with kids. Dramatic play can include:

  • Pretend kitchen sets
  • Construction worker costumes
  • Pizza shop pretend play
  • Pretending to be a doctor and using a doctor’s kit
  • Pretending to fix things
  • Playing vet
  • Playing post office
  • Pretend shopping with a shopping cart toy
Puppet-theatre from Kids Play Space-Re-use a box to create your own puppet theatre, ready for show time!
Dramatic-play from Kids Activities Blog-Uses paperbags and paints to create a small world play area for dolls, we will be doing this one for sure!
Leaf-puppet-craft from All Things With a Purpose- A perfect fall time craft for dramatic play!
Egg carton dragon puppet from Life With Moore Babies- This creative puppet is adorabe!
Itsy-bitsy-spider sticky wall from Fantastic Fun and Learning- Love the use of contact paper and foam sheets to have the story stick to the wall.
Native American small world craft from Crayon Box Chronicles- Perfect for small world play for this time of year with Thanksgiving coming!

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