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31 Days of Occupational Therapy with Free Materials

So, friends, I'm going to start a little challenge here!  In October, I'm going to be challenging myself to write 31 days of posts about my profession: Occupational Therapy!  You will find 31 days of Occupational Therapy with free materials provides treatment activities, tips, tools, and ideas for many developmental, sensory, fine motor, gross motor, and visual perceptual areas.  

The best news is that these ideas are going to be creative fun that kids will love and (almost) all free.  The therapeutic modalities that I've outlined will provide you will a resource for frugal treatment of many Occupational Therapy goal areas.  I strive to create crafts and activities that use mostly free items that are found around my home in the play and learning that we do here.  

Occupational Therapy treatment tips and tools for pediatrics and school-based therapy using mostly free or inexpensive materials and items you can find around the home.  Great resource and many ideas here!

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You can see our recent 31 days of learning with mostly free items, and I'm hoping that this series is just as much fun to write and share!

If you've been to this blog before, you might know that I'm an Occupational Therapist by trade, and worked as an OT in many different areas for 14 years before staying at home with my babies.  I worked up through the pregnancies of three of my babes and started staying at home after the third was born.  I do love to share my Occupational Therapy hints and tips in my blog posts, though. You'll see developmental points in almost every post here.  So, now I'm going to challenge myself to writing every day in October with an OT spin.  

In this Occupational Therapy with free materials series, you will find many of my favorite occupational therapy treatment activities for many developmental difficulties in pediatrics, all using items that you probably already have at home.  The nice thing about this series is that you don't have to be receiving OT services or have a diagnosis of anything to benefit from these 31 days of tips and tools.  Many, MANY kids out there are working on shoe tying. Or writing on the lines.  Or many other developmental areas.  All of the activities will be low-cost and inexpensive.

Here is a little video that we created based on this series. It's my hope that the activities below hit on the needs you have on your caseload!

It is my hope that you will find the ideas shared here in the next 31 days to be helpful and and a valuable resource.  AND, not only will the tricks and tips use mostly free or low-cost items, I will also have lists of my recommendations for toys and tools that can help with each area.  

This is going to be a great month (...if not exhausting for me)  ...but fun! So stop back each day this month and see what is new.  I will be adding all of the links to this page.  Pin it so you don't lose it!

And now, without further ado:

31 Days of Occupational Therapy with Free Materials


 Motor Planning Fine Motor Maze hand strengthening activity

 Scooping and pouring fine motor and hand dominance with beads


Day 22 The Benefits of Coloring 
Day 23 Clothes Pin Exercises and Pinch Grasp Types 
Day 24 Homemade Pegboard Activities 
Day 25 Creative Scissor Skills Practice

Neat Pincer Grasp Fine Motor Activity Buttoning Tips and Tricks

Day 30 Gross Grasp with Recycled Containers 
Day 31 Finger Isolation Fingerprint Activities

Did you LOVE this series as much as I did?  Here are MORE ways to work on Occupational Therapy using mostly free or inexpensive materials:  

Try a few inexpensive treatment tools like kid-friendly tongs and tweezers.  They can be used in so many different ways.  A set of simple supplies can be tools for many different OT treatment goals.

For those of you who have kiddos with handwriting needs, this free email course and series of printable handwriting strategies are a free option for handwriting skill work:

http://www.sugaraunts.com/2015/11/benefits-of-playing-with-stickers-occupational-therapy.html Sensory Processing and handwritinghttp://www.sugaraunts.com/2015/11/benefits-of-playing-with-stickers-occupational-therapy.html What is motor planning activity for kids  

Even MORE great pages you where you will find tons of Occupational Therapy treatment ideas and info that can be incorporated into simple play at home, using frugal (mostly free) items that you already have:

Occupational Therapy treatment tips and tools for pediatrics and school-based therapy using mostly free or inexpensive materials and items you can find around the home.  Great resource and many ideas here!

Occupational Therapy treatment ideas using free materials

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