Affiliate Terms of Use

Commission Structure: 

  1. Affiliates earn commissions by referring sales of products listed in The OT Toolbox shop. Commission rate for these sales are 50% of the product listed selling price. This percentage will apply to the net sales amount after deducting any refunds, chargebacks, or other order adjustments.
  2. The OT Toolbox Members may refer membership subscriptions to others. For each annual membership that is purchased through a referral affiliate link, the member earns $10 in credit to The OT Toolbox store. Store credit can only be earned for referrals leading to a purchase of Level 2 membership.

Payment Frequency:

 Commissions will be paid to affiliates on a monthly basis.

Payment Method:

Commissions will be paid exclusively through PayPal. Affiliates are responsible for ensuring they provide accurate PayPal account information for payment.

Timing of Payments:

Commission payments for a given month will be processed and distributed on or around the 2nd of the following month. Delays may occur due to weekends or holidays.

Commissions are subject to adjustments for returns, cancellations, and chargebacks. Adjustments will be reflected in the subsequent commission payment.


All commission payments will be made in US Dollars.

Tax Responsibility:

Affiliates are responsible for reporting and paying any taxes associated with their commission income in accordance with their local tax laws. The company will not withhold taxes on behalf of affiliates.

Cookie Duration:

The cookie duration for both The OT Toolbox affiliates and membership referral affiliates is 30 days.