A Year of Sensory Play

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Digital printable packet of 67 pages of sensory activities for the whole year, 12 months of sensory planning sheets, and 12 months of movement activities and sensory bin fillers.

This printable packet contains TONS of themed activities that will last the whole year long. Each activity is designed to promote movement and sensory processing through sensory challenges and play activities.

There are 67 pages in the Year of Sensory Play Packet and the activities cover every season. The packet also includes 12 months of sensory planning sheets, and the monthly movement activities listed below. There are also monthly sensory bin filler ideas so that every month of the year is covered when it comes to gross motor and fine motor sensory play. Use the monthly sensory focus sheets as a tool in creating sensory diets and sensory focused activities and goals.

A Year of Sensory Play packet is a resource for planning out and actually USING the sensory ideas that provide sensory input kids need to develop the skills they require for attention, focus, regulation, handwriting, learning, managing clothing fasteners, and overall functioning as a thriving kiddo!


Encourage sensory play and experience sensory challenges throughout the entire year with seasonal sensory activity ideas and themed sensory play. This is the perfect tool for parents looking for activity ideas, teachers looking to add sensory play into learning experiences, or therapists who need fresh sensory treatment ideas that can be incorporated into interventions.

The printable packet includes:

  • Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall themed Sensory Play Ideas
  • 12 months of printable focus planners sheets for sensory planning needs
  • Monthly movement activities
  • Sensory bin fillers

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3 reviews for A Year of Sensory Play

  1. Ann

    When I bought this product, the description stated that the “Year of Sensory Play” packet comes with a total of 67 pages; however, when I purchased the packet, the download that I received was only 55 pages. I have sent two emails to the contact email address that is on the website, yet have not received a response – whether that is the entire packet, or a refund.

  2. Colleen Beck

    Hello, Thank you for letting us know. This was an error on our part in uploading the wrong file to our shop. The correct file has been added as well as sent to your email. Thank you again for relaying this information.

  3. Hannah

    I also purchased this product in December and had the same issue. Incorrect page number with missing monthly files. My concerns were sent via email, several months ago, to the contact address listed on the site and I still have not received a response or a new file. How to I get ahold of a corrected file without purchasing the whole product again?

  4. Hannah

    Sorry for an additional comment… I believe I listed the wrong email address on my previous comment… please use this email address if needed to contact me regarding my review above.

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