Appraisal and Evidence Review Worksheets


These worksheets are a tool for applying critical appraisal of the importance and applicability of clinical evidence, based on a therapist’s specific clinical populations and clients.

These two worksheets aim to guide and develop evidence-based Occupational Therapy assessment, treatment planning, and interventions through appraisal and review of the evidence, allowing self-directed promotion of  the highest standards.

Using the Appraisal of the Evidence worksheet and the Evidence Review worksheet, clinicians will be able to apply a critical analysis of available research. The worksheets empower practitioners to apply the findings into the context of practice. By incorporating thoughts and notes into the analysis, clinicians can add the perspectives and judgment that is imperative for true evidence-based practice.


Print this two page digital file and use it over and over again. The pages can accompany every journal or article a therapist reads and guide clinical decision-making based on specific clients or a general population.

Included in the digital file:

  • Appraisal of the Evidence Worksheet
  • Evidence Review Worksheet

The printable worksheets guide clinicians to appraise evidence based on focus questions, research methods, and results, leading to evidence-based clinical decisions and action plans for a specific client or general population.


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