Going to the Dentist Social Story


Going to the dentist is a challenge for individuals with sensory or motor concerns. This social story walks through each step of a visit to the dentist and encourages use of self-regulation strategies as a coping tool at the dentist’s office.

Print off the pages and create a simple social story book to help those struggling with the stages of a dentistry visit.

Read through the pages of this dentist visit social story, look at the colorful pictures, and help make the dentist visit less scary or overwhelming.


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Going to the dentist social story

Making a visit to the dentist and have challenges with sensory, regulation, motor, emotional, or cognitive areas? This social story for going to the dentist walks through each stage of a dentist visit.

This is a 20 page digital file.

The dentist social story includes:

  • Introduction/set-up
  • Dental equipment
  • Sitting in a dental exam chair
  • Sounds and vibrations of dental equipment
  • Self-regulation strategies to use during a dental visit

There are many different ways individuals can cope with sensory or emotional needs while participating in a dentist’s visit. The sights, sounds, smells, and even movements (vibration) at the dentist can overwhelm the sensory system. This social story, created by an occupational therapist, covers these common sensory concerns with the dentist’s office. Use the sensory motor strategies in the social story, or come up with your own to meet the needs of the individual’s nervous system.

The social story includes a page with notes to parents on co-regulation and common issues with dentist visits from the perspective of the pediatric occupational therapist.