Occupational Therapy Vision Screening Packet


This 10 page packet is designed to help OT practitioners fill their Vision Tool Boxes with supports for themselves, and the parents and teachers that they interact with. This comprehensive packet includes:

  • Parent/Teacher Handouts
  • A vision screening form
  • Vision screening step by step instructions


This vision screening tool is ideal for occupational therapists who work with kids or those with visual challenges.

Therapists can use this screening tool to identify needs in visual processing such as convergence, divergence, visual tracking, eye dominance, eye position, nystagmus, saccades, eye movements, dissasocciated movements, and eye teaming.

The printable packet includes:

  • Explanation of common visual terms related to visual screenings and challenges that impact visual skills
  • Common “red flags” that indicate a visual problem is present and the underlying cause of bigger issues in reading, writing, and motor skills
  • Frequently Asked Questions and answers that can be used to educate teachers, parents, and other professionals regarding vision and it’s impact on learning
  • Vision Screening Sheet that can be printed off and used again and again in screenings or as part of a comprehensive assessment
  • Vision Screening instructions for each component of the screening tool, including tips, directions, and student directions
  • 6 visual components wit directions for each component