Snowman Code Breaker Pack 


If you are looking for a hands-on approach to targeting visual perceptual skills, look no further than this Snowman Code Breaker Worksheet Pack.

Need more winter activities?  These winter themed Snowman Code Breaker worksheets have the cutest designs!  Practice decoding, visual memory, sequencing, handwriting, and more using this amazing pack.

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a code breaking handwriting activity can address specific skills in visual motor integration, including visual perception and handwriting. Here are some ways in which the activity can be designed to target these skills:

Visual Perception:

  • In a code breaking handwriting activity, students may be given a code that requires them to decode letters or words that are presented in unusual or non-standard ways (e.g., backwards, upside-down, or partially obscured). This type of task challenges students to use their visual perception skills to identify and make sense of letters and words that may be presented in a variety of different forms.
  • To further challenge visual perception skills, the code may include letters or words that are written in different fonts, colors, or sizes. This can help students develop the ability to recognize letters and words in a variety of different contexts and styles, which is important for reading and writing.


  • To complete the code breaking task, students will need to write out the decoded letters or words. This requires them to use their handwriting skills, including proper letter formation, spacing, and sizing.
  • Depending on the level of difficulty of the code breaking task, students may need to write out a significant amount of text in order to solve the code. This repetition can help improve handwriting fluency and speed.
  • The code breaking activity can also be used to teach specific handwriting skills, such as letter formation or cursive writing. For example, the code may require students to write out certain letters or words in cursive, which can help them practice this skill in a fun and engaging way.

Visual Motor Integration:

  • In order to complete the code breaking task, students will need to coordinate their visual perception skills (e.g., recognizing and interpreting the code) with their fine motor skills (e.g., writing out the decoded letters or words). This requires strong visual motor integration skills.
  • To further challenge visual motor integration skills, the code may include letters or words that require fine motor skills to decode (e.g., a message that is written in small, intricate letters that require careful tracing).

A code breaking handwriting activity can be a fun and engaging way to target specific skills in visual motor integration, visual perception, and handwriting. By presenting letters and words in unique and challenging ways, students are forced to use a variety of skills to successfully complete the task.

Handwriting is a chore.  Rote worksheets are a bore. Spice things up during the long winter with interactive fun worksheets.  The Snowman Code Breaker pack will have your learners forgetting they are actually working while they try and solve the puzzles.

What’s in the Snowman Code Breaker Pack?

This Snowman Code Breaker Pack contains seven great worksheets that can be easily downloaded and printed for immediate use.

  1. Lowercase letter code – students break the code, writing the letters inside the boxes (different sized boxes for context clues), then use the words to write a sentence below
  2. Uppercase letter code – students work the codes printing letters in uppercase form into the boxes.  Use the words to form a sentence or practice copying them.  You decide if they write their sentence in all capitals, or translate it into lowercase
  3. Lowercase letter code with single lines- break the code and write the words on the single lines provided
  4. Lowercase letter code with dotted lines
  5. Uppercase letter codes with single lines for printing
  6. Cursive lowercase letters with single lines
  7. Cursive lowercase letters with dotted lines


The Snowman Code Breaker Pack targets skills:

  • Visual memory
  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual scanning
  • Form constancy
  • Handwriting
  • Letter formation
  • Coloring


Expand the Activity

Use this one packet to work on various aspects of visual motor integration. Use the activity in various ways to meet the needs of a whole caseload of students or clients:

  • Cut out the code pictures, have students create their own codes using the designs
  • Use the sentence, created by breaking the code, as a story starter
  • Talk about each of the designs and what they represent
  • Laminate the page or use a page protector to make it reusable
  • Put the Snowman Code Breaker Pack in a binder to save your winter worksheets all in one place