Homemade Star Candy

I had a bunch of royal icing left over from making cookies and had an idea…


Baby Girl is having a First Birthday soon, with a Twinkle Twinkle Little Star party.  I thought I could use these candies for decorating the cake. This was so easy, I made these cute little star candies during regularly scheduled “quiet time/nap time”.
(I quote this because usually there are other activities going on during quiet time/nap time…like a little someone sitting at the top of the steps, kicking the wall…)
Any way, no walls were being pummeled by little feet today, so little stars it was!

the goods:
 I love Wilton gel food colors. It only takes the smallest little bit of color and a jar will last me forever.

 Cover your cookie sheet with wax paper. You could put the wax paper right on the counter-top, but putting on a cookie sheet makes it easy to move the whole thing out of little-arms-reach…Fill your icing bag royal icing, and go crazy drawing stars!

 Let them dry for a few hours and then pop em right off the wax paper. Store them in a sealed bag or container and they will keep up to 6 months.

I’m thinking a cake with blue icing and covered with little candy stars!
~Posted by Colleen