Toddler Ping Pong Visual Motor Play

Baby Girl had some alone time with mommy and we did allll her favorite things…played with Little People, read her favorite books, ran around outside and went in and out (and in and out again!) the sandbox. 
And Mommy soaked up the extra time for snuggles and belly kisses 🙂
We also did this fun little activity.  She LOVED having the whole thing to herself without Big Sister and Big Brother there. 

Invitation to scoop 

I put a little water in a veggie platter, pulled out the ping pong balls, and added an ice cream scooper.
She loved this! Scooping the ping pong balls out of the container, plopping them into the water, and scooping them up again.
Scooping is such a great visual-motor exercise for Toddlers.  They are working on hand-eye coordination, motor skills to coordinate the scoop to grab the ball as it scoots around, and plus, it’s just fun!
What 20 month old does not LOVE to play around in water???
This was SO much fun for her and we loved our mommy-baby afternoon together!
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