Christmas Healthy Snacks for Kids

You may have seen these Christmas snacks that our kids have been enjoying recently on our Instagram feed.  ((Are you following us? Stop by and check it out!  We are loving Instagram!))  These Healthy Christmas Snacks for the Kids were easy to throw together for hungry kids.  (Aren’t they ALWAYS hungry?)  This time of year, there are so many sweets everywhere.  A few healthy and festive snack ideas are perfect to make a special moment.  Of course, they don’t need their cut up apples in a fancy shape to eat healthy foods, it’s just fun to make things special every once in a while!

Christmas Healthy Snacks for kids. By Sugar Aunts

Healthy Snack for Kids: Christmas Tree with Apples:

This was a last minute after-school snack for Big Sister one day.  She comes home from school SO hungry!  A cut up apple and a pretzel rod made the perfect Christmas Tree snack and filled her belly until dinner time.  A reader on our Facebook page suggested adding dried cranberries for ornaments.  Wouldn’t that be the perfect addition?  Love that idea!!

Christmas Healthy Snacks for kids. By Sugar Aunts

Healthy Snack for Kids: Cucumber Snowmen

One snowy Saturday, there were choruses of “I’m hungry!” from the kids.  This was a quick snack and was gobbled up just as quickly!  When they saw these snowmen, there were cheers.  This one used slices of cucumber. (I doubled them up for each section of the snowmen.)  A few raisins, slices of red peppers, and a bit of shredded cheese.  Done!
What healthy snacks do your kids love?