Books About Siblings

Have a new baby in the house? Maybe you are preparing for the newest little one to add to the family fun in the house. A new baby can make for a big change in any home! Use these books about siblings to help big brothers and big sisters adapt to the change that a new baby brings.

Books for New Siblings

We’ve got a 6 year old, 4 year old, and 2 year old, and are waiting on the newest little one to join us.  I’m hearing daily from the ladies in the grocery store/preschool/doctor’s office how full my hands are 😉  Oh yes. This I know!  But as full as my hands (and laundry baskets, to-do lists, and grocery carts…) are, my heart is fuller.  I am so blessed to have these three and soon-to-be FOUR little handfuls. 

Watching them play is so much fun.  These kiddos have got the sibling thing down…there are collaborations on very imaginative scenarios that happen daily.  They are building forts outside, getting muddy and grass stained together, and building memories.  Of course they fight with each other.  I mean, they are siblings.  There are fights and tormenting happening daily!  It’s all part of the family thing.

One thing that we love to do as a family is visit our local library.  We LOVE our librarians in the children’s department and bring home a big old stack of books each week.  Lately, we’ve been pulling books from the shelf with a similar theme…Brothers and Sisters!  With the new coming baby, what better topic is there to read than brother and sister books? 

These are our favorite Sibling Books that we’ve been reading over and over lately.   Some, we have, and others we’ve checked out from the library.  All are awesome for introducing a new baby to the family, or just celebrating brothers and sisters!

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Books about brothers and sisters

Big Sisters Are the Best
by Fran Manushkin
I’m a Big Sister!
Ronne Randall 


Big Sister and Little Sister
by Charlotte Zolotow
What Brothers Do Best
by Laura Numeroff
Just Me and My Little Brother  by
Mercer Mayer   
Best-Ever Big Brother
by Karen Katz
Best-Ever Big Sister
by Karen Katz

Do you have any favorite books about brothers and sisters?