Top 5 Activities for Kids 2015

What a year 2015 has been here at Sugar Aunts.  We’ve had a few small changes (like our new look and colors) and big changes (like so many new followers on all social media outlets).  I have had an absolute blast sharing developmental information and Occupational Therapy tips and ideas to readers (that’s you!).  The best part of my year, though, has been hearing from you.  I love knowing that a creative tip for correcting pencil grasp or a visual perceptual activity has helped your child, your therapy caseload, entire school districts, Occupational Therapy clinics…I love hearing from you!

I’m joining a few other bloggers in sharing my most popular posts of the year.  When I went through my analytics and saw the posts that were in my top 5, it made me so happy!  All of my favorite things that I love to share with you are in there and it makes me super excited for everything I’ve got in store for this blog in the new year.  I can’t wait to share more of things like this that you all loved!

Posts you loved on Sugar Aunts in 2015:
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Occupational Therapy Tips for Kids

My 31 Days of Occupational Therapy series was the overwhelmingly biggest traffic referrer in 2015.  And that makes my heart so happy!  I have found such excitement in sharing what I know in new and creative ways.  If my tips and ideas can help even one child, my day is made.  Be sure to stick around, because 2016 is going to bring a ton more OT posts!

Sensory Play Ideas for Kids

How to Make an Awesome Sensory Bottle was a fun little round up of cool sensory bottles, along with tips and ways to make an awesome sensory tool.  I love that this post was in my top 5, because I’ve got a thing for sharing sensory activities on the blog.  This year will bring a monthly sensory bottle series so there will be many more sensory bottles and other sensory play and therapy ideas coming your way!

Sensory Homemade Play Dough Recipes

Did I mention how much I love sharing sensory activities, tips, tools, and ideas?  Another post that was a hit this year was How to Make Crayon Floam Dough.  My kids love playing with homemade playdough and this floam dough was very much loved by them…and you!  2016 will bring monthly sensory dough posts from me, so be sure to watch for them.  I know my kids are looking forward to them!

Cooking With Kids Recipes 

This past year, we participated in a Cooking With Kids A-Z series and it was just perfect.  I had the chance to cook through the alphabet alongside my kids as we learned and explored in the kitchen.  My kids love to help me cook and I love that they are learning and exploring new foods and the senses in the kitchen. This Carrot Veggie Puffs Recipe was a huge traffic source this year, and I know why: Mamas love to sneak the veggies into yummy food that kids will gobble up!  I love that this recipe was one of the top posts this year.  It came from a version of one I found in my grandmother’s recipe box and I know she would love to see so many of you trying it! This year will bring a fun cooking-related project.  Stay tuned to see what it is!

Book Related Crafts and Activities for Kids

And the last of my top five posts in 2015 was a book-related activity.  We read Quick as a Cricket
by Audrey Wood and made an activity on How to teach kids about empathy based on the book.  We love to read books and come up with activities and crafts.  The new year will bring more book-related posts, a book-related project, and even an Instagram book series.  It’s going to be a fun year of reading!

The best crafts, education, and parenting blog posts of 2015

Did you love reading about these topics? I’ve got a ton more ways to play and learn for you!  Try these: