Potty Training Incentive (That Kids will LOVE)

Potty training reward incentive with Kudos Banz
Potty training can be a jungle. Knowing what to expect when starting potty training can be challenging for parents. Even seasoned parents can struggle when it comes to potty training and there’s a good reason why; Every child is different! And here’s the thing: Because every child is so different when it comes to interests, strengths, difficulties, and needs, potty training incentives can be a challenge too. Potty training rewards can be helpful when the child’s motivations are included in toilet training. Maybe you’ve tried potty training charts before. Perhaps you are struggling to teach the basics of potty training, or are working on a child staying dry overnight. Today, I’ve got a motivating potty training incentive that can be just the tool to address a variety of toileting challenges.
Use potty training incentives like reward charts and potty training bracelets to help kids learn steps of toilet training.

Potty Training Incentive

First, let’s talk about what a potty training incentive is and looks like. You’ve probably seen a potty training reward chart before. A potty training sticker chart can be just the visual that helps kids progress from making it to the potty in time to remembering to stop and go to the bathroom when playing (and before it’s too late). Other kids use reward charts for washing hands after using the restroom or wiping completely. A visual reward chart like a sticker chart can address a wide variety of potty training issues.
Reward programs can be used in the home or while on-the-go while out and about in the community. A potty training visual chart can be used to work on many goal areas.
Many potty training incentives offer a reward for that persistence and patience needed in potty training. Sticker charts can be just the tool to help kids feel special and confident during the potty training process. After the kiddo achieves a goal like sitting on the toilet or making it to the potty in time, they can add a sticker to the chart. After a determined number of stickers have been added to the chart, a reward is earned.
Kud Banz is a potty training reward system that helps kids learn steps of potty training through positive reinforcement and an interactive incentive.

Toileting Reward Program That Kids will Love

I recently came across a potty training incentive program that I fell in love with. The Kudo Banz system works a lot like a sticker chart reward. However, the difference is that kids can wear a bracelet to help remind kids of their goals. They can earn Kudos for various aspects of potty training, keeping them motivated to turn positive behaviors and actions into habits.
Kids will love this motivating potty training program that helps behaviors turn into habits in a meaningful way.
Use a potty training book like the Kudo banz potty party book to teach kids aspects of toileting.
Potty Training Book with a Twist
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Part of the Potty Starter Pack by Kudo Banz, is a colorful and fun storybook called “The Adventures of Drago and George and the Potty Party”. This book gets kids and parents excited about beginning potty training by describing an adventure and a fun “potty party”. In the book, the characters discover how to earn kudos by completing individualized challenges.
A potty party is a rewarding potty training incentive that kids will love.
As we all know, kids are so different. What works for one child may not work for another. That’s why the Kudos that can be modified based on your child’s needs, strengths, and interests are really successful.
For special potty training seats based on needs of the child, check out our recent post on Potty Training Seats for Special Needs.
Kids will love this potty training incentive program that teaches toileting through positive interactions.
Using a bracelet and themed charms, kids can add a “kudo”, or charm clip, after achieving goals. They can work through the various aspects of potty training, taking kids from walking into the bathroom and sitting on the potty, all the way to staying dry overnight.
Use Kudo Banz to teach kids potty training incentives by receiving kudos for reaching personal goals.
This potty training incentive program is meaningful and motivating to kids.
Kids can use the bands and the clips to mark progress for toileting aspects such as:
  • Sitting on the potty
  • Going pee in the potty
  • Going poop in the potty
  • Learning to wipe all by themselves
  • Remembering to wash hands after going potty
  • Staying dry for specific amounts of time, such as from breakfast to snack time, etc.
  • Staying dry at nap-time
  • Staying dry overnight
Teach kids potty training with a meaningful and motivating potty training incentive.
A potty training incentive that kids will love

Focusing on the Positive When Potty Training

Because toilet training requires so much patience, it’s important to stay positive. As parents, this can be HARD! An accident on the floor again? Wet pants for the third time today? It can be frustrating to work through potty training challenges when you’ve practiced and practiced the aspects of toileting.
Make potty training meaningful and motivating with a toileting reward system like a sticker chart on the wrist.
That’s why using positive reinforcement such as the reward charms that Kudo Banz offer is so important. It helps kids stay motivated because they feel excited to have that kudo on their bracelet, and with them at all times. It’s a great way to stay encouraged to try again because they can see, touch, and feel the evidence that they did something positive.
Kudo Banz are fun and creative potty training incentives that kids will love.
Having that bracelet right on their arm makes staying focused on incentives rewarding because kudos happen right in the moment and even when out and about. Kids can add a kudo to their bracelet when using a public restroom and see the evidence of a bathroom win…and boost their self-confidence in potty training.
Kids can pick their potty training reward with a meaningful and motivating theme.
Interactive Potty Training Reward
The thing about Kudo Banz that kids will absolutely love, besides the themed Kudo charms that they can pick, is the reward. Using an app, kids can use their reward Kudo in an interactive way to keep kids interested in their goals and motivated to earn more.
Potty training reward charms are an incentive to accomplish personal goals and toileting goals, leading to more independence.
Take it a step further:
Kudo Banz is nice because kids can benefit from the motivating and interactive factor, and even take habits a step further and be used to work on a variety of goals. Things such as picky eating, doing chores, following directions, doing homework…and many more areas that can be difficult to instill in kids can be addressed with this motivating reward tool.

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