Benefits of AOTA Membership)

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AOTA membership and Inspire conference
AOTA membership benefits and resources in the AOTA Inspire conference.

AOTA Membership

Today, we are talking about all of the benefits of an AOTA membership. This is one annual membership that I adore being a part of. So, what are the benefits of an AOTA membership for occupational therapists? Let’s chat!

Benefits of AOTA membership for occupational therapists

AOTA Membership Benefits…it’s Big!

I absolutely love maintaining my AOTA membership. Here’s a few reasons why I make the effort to pay this annual expense.

Occupational therapists gain so many benefits from being an AOTA member

1. The massive number of resources on The AOTA Website

The amount of resources, articles, worksheets, handouts, and special area resources are just some of the benefits of being an AOTA member. Members also have access to education, and research information via OT Practice magazine, OT Practice Online, American Journal of Occupational Therapy (AJOT), AJOT Online, the OT Practice Pulse, and AOTA Alerts e-newsletters, and even blog posts. Not only that, the Special Interest Sections (SISs) are options for customized resources that meet your specific needs. Membership appreciation events includes opportunities to access free webinars for continuing education credits as well as celebratory events.

2. AOTA Membership Supports the Occupational Therapy Profession

Through advocacy, research, and promotion, AOTA is a source of support for all OT professionals. When one of our fellow professionals makes their way into the news, AOTA shares and promotes this media, helping to make others aware of the OT profession. The association works toward public policy, scope of practice, and licensure issues. There is so much work being done behind the scenes, from advocacy for health care reimbursement to protect our profession. Here’s the thing: we NEED them to advocate for us. We NEED help to lobby for issues like Medicare changes or licensure concerns. In order to do these vital tasks, AOTA needs our our membership money or other funding to pay for lobbyists.

One specific advancement of our profession is the development of an Occupational Therapy Compact, allowing therapists the privilege and opportunity to practice across state lines. What a fantastic advancement that will provide so many opportunities for OTs while keeping our profession current with the practice of other professions such as medical, physical therapy, nursing, and other health professions.

3. Discounts Through AOTA Membership

By being a member of AOTA, OTs gain discounts on continuing education opportunities, conferences, books, and retailer. Other discounts include deals on professional liability, disability, life, medical coverage, and student and personal loan refinancing. Want to branch out and start your own business or private practice? AOTA can support you with those insurance and financing opportunities.

4. Connection and Collaboration with AOTA Members

By being an AOTA member, occupational therapists have the opportunity to connect with others in the field on Have a question or want to connect with others in your field of practice? The social networking forum is your opportunity.

As an AOTA member, you receive a discounted price on the annual AOTA conference…and with it, the prospect of meeting thousands of OTs from all over the country. The collaboration and networking is substantial. This conference is the highlight of my year…if you’re going, let me know! I would love to connect!

5. Leadership Oppourtunities with AOTA

Leadership is just one means of giving back to the profession and battling that therapy professional caregiver stress and burnout. It’s true! Volunteering has been proven to benefit individuals in both mental and physical health. Volunteers gain self-confidence, self-esteem as practitioners, and satisfaction in their life and job. The duties of a volunteer role provide a sense of purpose, pride and identity. As therapists, we KNOW the power in that! What better way to combat burnout and job fatigue than with a volunteer or leadership role that serves our profession?

AOTA members have the opportunity to participate in volunteer roles on the Coordinated Online Opportunities for Leadership database; committees; and more. Want to see a change in the profession? You have a chance to step up and speak your voice!

Students have the opportunity to take part as a volunteer for AOtA through the Assembly of Student Delegates as they represent their school on a national level.

Sort through the vast number of leadership and volunteer roles that AOTA offers here.

6. Student Resources

Student members of the national OT association benefit from many resources and tools. Students can join at a discounted rate and gain all of the benefits listed above as well as resources to learn, become involved in the profession, stay up to date on research, prepare for fieldwork, study for the NBCOT examination, and even find a job.

Find resources on fieldwork, job placement, leadership opportunities, exam prep tools, and more. Students will love the the OT Student Pulse, a monthly e-newsletter for AOTA student members created by the Assembly of Student Delegates. The resource is a newsletter written by students for students, and includes relevant and effective information on occupational therapy issues along with news, resources, and opportunities.Students even have the opportunity to submit an article idea or share a student accomplishment that will be blasted out in the newsletter. I wish the OT Student Pulse was around when I was a student!

7. AOTA Provides Career Advancement Opportunities

From professional development, specialty certifications, job placement or a change in area of practice, AOTA offers the tools and resources needed to advance one’s career. Clinicians can participate in board certifications or specialty certifications as a means to promote proficiency while highlighting your professional and personal accomplishments as an occupational therapy professional.

For those therapists who want to advance their career through post-professional degrees or training, AOTA The association also offers its Fellowship Program as a means to cultivate and recognize post-professional training programs that advance the knowledge and skills of licensed occupational therapists in focused areas of practice.

So, what do you think? Are you an AOTA member?

Some of the smartest and most creative folks I know are the readers of The OT Toolbox. I asked readers to tell me the biggest value they personally find in having an AOTA membership. Scroll through the comments…you might just find a new reason to join the profession’s leading advocacy association! We can always learn from one another!