Light-Bright Fun!

Baby Girl LOVED this one… 

We AGAIN used the dishwasher box that has been sitting in our living room.
(one box is so much better than a whole storage bin of toys!) This box has been everything from a rocket ship to a barn in their imaginary play.  It has been a corn sensory box, (seen here), to a light tunnel for a Twinkle Twinkle little star party.  We’ve covered it with blankets to make a bear cave, and put it on it’s end, cutting a door and window into one side for a house.  
After we cut the door into it, Baby Girl loved opening and shutting the door over and over and over again!
This was one of Baby Girl‘s favorite games to play in the box.  We took the Light Bright toy inside and had a blast checking out the lights, putting her hand over the light screen, touching the circle lights on the wall…
What a great sensory experience!
We’ll definitely be using the light bright again for sensory play.  Poor box has seen the end of it’s time in our living room…There was a liiiiittttle rough play that destroyed it.  Don’t worry, though. It will be used for some great art projects before it makes its way into the recycle bin!

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