Daily Notes (Template & Explanation)


Wondering how to write effective occupational therapy daily progress notes for therapy intervention sessions? Along with the concrete structure and flow of a daily note (SOAP note), find an in-depth explanation of what should specifically be included in your notes, and an EXTRA add-on about documenting sensory integration (SI) interventions as well!

This is a digital file that opens to an editable document on your Google Drive account.


The Occupational Therapy Daily Notes Template is a digital product. You will receive an email after purchase delivering a PDF which opens an editable document on your Google Drive. Work in the document to create daily progress notes. Edit the file as you see fit to meet your documentation needs.

This working document includes a blank daily progress note template where you can cut and paste information into the daily progress note.

Occupational Therapy Daily Notes Template (and Explanations)

Included in the OT Daily Progress Notes Template and Explanations document are:

  • Editable Daily Progress Note Template
  • Documentation suggestions for sensory integration intervention strategies
  • Tips and examples for each section of the daily progress note (Subjective, Objective, Assessment, and Plan)
  • Tips and suggestions to keep in mind for daily progress notes
  • Daily progress note tips for language and terminology