OT Screening Request Letter


It is ALWAYS good practice to send a request form home to parents’/guardians/caregivers before you screen a student at school for OT. This OT screening request letter lets them know what exactly to expect, and gives them the ability to approve or deny the screening.

This is a digital file that opens to an editable document on your Google Drive account.


The OT Screening Request Letter is a digital product. You will receive an email after purchase delivering a PDF which opens an editable document on your Google Drive. Work in the document to create a letter to parents/guardians requesting permission to screen. Edit the file as you see fit to meet your documentation needs.

This editable document opens in your Google Drive account. Create a master copy and then make a copy for each new referral to streamline the screening and evaluation process.

The OT Screening Request Letter template is done for you so all you need to do is enter demographic information and send it off to request parent/guardian permission prior to occupational therapy screenings.