Find Me, Build Me Positional Language Activities


One of the first steps to start teaching a child how to copy or write shapes, letters, and numbers is to make sure they understand prepositions and spatial awareness (under, over, top, etc.) as well as being able to follow directions.   These positional language activities include 34 pages that can be printed, laminated, and/or completed on a touchscreen (with a stylus).  


Kids will love these positional language activities that make learning visual spatial relationships fun and engaging! Print off these pages and use them as hands-on games or incorporate fine motor skills by using manipulatives. Others may use these positional activities on a screen with a stylus or finger tip.

Positional Language Activities

These engaging activities support development of:

  • Spatial relationships
  • Awareness of prepositions: over, under, next to, beside
  • Body awareness
  • Visual discrimination
  • Visual scanning
  • Visual attention
  • Visual memory

Incorporate fine motor skills by printing off these positional activities and using small objects such as beads, craft pom poms, or small balls of play dough. Laminate the pages for durability or slide them into a page protector. Use the themed activity sets over and over again.

Includes themed sets:

  • Monsters
  • Unicorns