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Know a special OT, PT, parent, or teacher? Need a gift idea for an occupational therapy student? Looking to stock a therapy space with resources and tools? Grab a The OT Toolbox gift card!

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Looking to send a special gift to therapists? Want to congratulate a hard-working student, celebrate OT month, or grab therapy tools using employer funds? A gift card to The OT Toolbox website is the way to go!

A gift card to The OT Toolbox is the perfect gift for  pediatric OTs, PTs, teachers and parents.  Simply select the amount of the gift card, purchase on this page, and email the gift card to the lucky recipient.

You could also print off the gift card and slide it into a card or gift bag. To do so, email the gift card to yourself and print it.

The OT Toolbox gift card


Therapy professionals and students can use this gift card to access resources and tools available on The OT Toolbox.

Click here to check the balance on an existing gift card.