Documentation Manual for Pediatric OT Practitioners in Schools, Clinics and Early Intervention


This comprehensive resource on documentation for pediatric occupational therapy in schools, early intervention, and clinics totaling 149 pages.

Documentation is a proven pain point for many therapists. The do’s and don’ts of documentation will not only guide you as to what to include in your notes, but also teach you what not to include and why.

The goal writing exercise actually walks you through the different components that should be included to form a COMPLETE goal.

The extensive list of pediatric assessments is compiled to make your job of choosing the relevant assessments in your practice easier.

Also includes documentation FAQs that will help guide your Pediatric OT Evaluations!


This comprehensive manual for Pediatric OT Practitioners covers the A-Z of documentation covering all 3 settings; schools, clinics and early intervention. You will learn what to include in the different types of documentation (daily notes, evaluation reports, discharge reports and so on), why goal writing is important, the frameworks of goal writing, and how to write good, measurable goals, avail of a comprehensive list of pediatric assessments, and so much more!

This manual is perfect for new grads and anybody transitioning to the world of pediatric therapy.

Skill areas developed:

  • Do’s and Don’ts of Documentation
  • Learn Different types of Documentation and their contents
  • Correcting common mistakes made in Documentation
  • Goal Writing
  • Choosing the right Pediatric Assessment