Handwriting Interventions for Carryover

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Children struggle with carryover of handwriting skills. With this resource, therapists will excel at both handwriting interventions using evidence-based strategies and the carryover piece.

No longer will students miss that carryover of handwriting skills from occupational therapy sessions to classroom writing tasks. Using the information in this educational packet and the interest-based, motivating writing lists, students can address what’s really going on behind carryover of writing skills and focus on therapeutic practice of handwriting interventions so they can write legibly and with an efficient pencil grasp all the time, no matter the setting.

This product includes:

  • Handwriting Carryover Information Packet (6 pages)
  • 150 Motivating, Interest-based Writing Prompts for efficient practice


If you are a pediatric occupational therapist, you have probably wondered about the best practices for handwriting interventions to improve carryover of skills.

In fact, one of the biggest issues school-based occupational therapists face is the fact that carryover of skills addressed in occupational therapy sessions are not carried over into the classroom or typical learning situation. So often, therapists see incredible results in therapy sessions when it comes to handwriting legibility and pencil grasp. But then, the student heads back to they typical learning environment without the support of the OT, and we see sloppy, illegible handwriting, and an inefficient pencil grasp return almost immediately. Why is that? The same accommodations might be used. The student has information and experience at his or her disposal. So, why is it that carryover of handwriting skills are so hard to ingrain?

This resource explains it all.

Handwriting interventions for carryover

Now you can know what is going on behind carryover issues. This 6 page resource defines exactly what’s happening when handwriting and pencil grasp are not carried over from successful therapy sessions into the regular classroom environment.

You’ll discover:

  • Factors that impact the carryover of handwriting skills
  • Exactly how underlying factors impact carryover into the classroom
  • How to stop spinning the wheels of motivation, handwriting speed, hand fatigue, muscle memory, and effort when it comes to legible handwriting interventions
  • How to use what’s important to the individual child to address carryover of handwriting skills

Includes 150 interest-based, motivating writing prompts in list format, so kids can practice specific handwriting interventions based on motivation and interest.

Handwriting carryover depends on therapeutic practice. You can provide the therapeutic interventions, but with this resource, you can add the practice opportunities so that carryover of writing skills is an issue of the past.

Evidence-based handwriting intervention

Therapeutic practice, or the direct address of the task of handwriting, is an evidence-based handwriting strategy for achieving legible handwriting. Therapeutic practice uses direct paper-and-pencil activities for practice of skilled, therapeutic interventions, along with strategies addressed in occupational therapy sessions, including an emphasis on self-evaluation techniques and the skilled performance feedback. Research tells us that occupational therapists striving to improve handwriting as a functional occupation in students should intervene with the evidence-based intervention of therapeutic practice.

The short, list-based writing prompts designed for therapeutic practice offer pediatric occupational therapists with the tool to support this intervention, so that children can carryover the skills they learn in occupational therapy sessions and write clearly and legibly with a functional and efficient pencil grasp no matter the environment they are in.

This product includes 2 files: 

  1. Pencil Grasp Carryover Information Packet
  2. Interest-based List Writing Prompts