Sensory Diet Visuals, PECs, Visual Supports for Visual Schedule + Routine


 Looking for sensory diet visuals that can be used in the classroom, clinic, and at home?

Sensory diets are a common strategy recommended by pediatric OTs. Often clients who benefit from a sensory diet may also benefit from structured, easy to follow, visual schedules. These routine cards combine both. Visuals are great for those who aren’t able to read and make the experience more engaging, interactive & fun!

This packet includes 84 bright, realistic sensory diet visuals that can address a variety of sensory needs, including:

  • Tactile + messy play
  • Heavy work + proprioception
  • Calming and regulating input
  • Alerting and arousing input
  • Animal walks
  • Classroom tasks + activities…and more!


These sensory visual supports include 84 bright, realistic, sensory diet visuals (about 2”x2”)

Print, cut, laminate, and go!

Skill areas developed: 

  • Sensory Integration/Sensory Processing
  • Self Regulation
  • Visual Routines
  • Sequencing
  • Planning
  • Therapy Home Carryover

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