A Parent’s Guide to Pencil Grasp


This 5 page resource explains pencil grasp patterns, development, and typical age progression from primitive grasp patterns to transitional and mature grasps. Use this printable guide to educate and explain pencil grasp and therapy intervention needs.

  • Explanation of types of pencil grasp patterns and typical age progression
  • Resources guiding functional/inefficient pencil grasps and how to address needed areas
  • Quick points related to pencil grasp, answering parent’s most common questions
  • Activities to promote a more functional grasp that parents can easily implement at home


Therapists seeking to explain development of pencil grasp will love this packet. Parents will love this easy-to-understand explanation of fine motor skills, grasp patterns, and activities to do at home. This resource explains everything you need to know about pencil grasp and handwriting. Explaining functional pencil grasp and inefficient pencil grasps, the resource breaks down types of grasps, by age, developmental skills needed, and visual description. The grasp descriptions breaks down development into primitive grasp, transitional grasp patterns, and mature grasp patterns. The quick FAQ sheet describes answers to commonly asked questions about pencil grasp and can be used to guide and educate parents on whether a grasp pattern should be addressed through intervention. Also included are activity ideas to supplement or promote development of functional grasp patterns. This 5 page digital file is a resource for parents, teachers, and therapists, and anyone working with children or parents of children.

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