Occupational Therapy Materials Bundle


Working with kids in occupational therapy sessions? This set of Occupational Therapy Materials Bundle includes 13 activities and resources to promote the profession using therapy supplies and themes.

Incorporate OT supplies like sensory tools, adapted materials, and therapy supplies to work on functional skills in school-based OT or outpatient clinical therapy settings.

As a bonus, you’ll also get 8 articles to help occupational therapy practitioners develop as a professional.

This is a digital file.



This bundle of occupational therapy materials includes resources and tools to support the development of functional skill areas, using commonly used OT materials and supplies. These OT tools support the development of skills in:

  • handwriting
  • fine motor
  • scissor skills
  • sensory participation and processing
  • hand and grasp strength and coordination
  • visual processing skills
  • coloring skills
  • much more

The OT Materials Bundle includes 21 products and resources:

  1. I Spy OT Dynamic Duos- School Based OT
  2. I Spy OT Dynamic Duos- Outpatient OT
  3. OT Coloring Pages
  4. OT Writing Prompts
  5. OT Copy the Words
  6. OT Fine Motor Copy Kit
  7. OT Fine Motor Game
  8. OT Homework Bingo
  9. OT Materials Toothpick Art
  10. OT Supplies Match It Game
  11. OT Supplies-What’s Missing
  12. OT Visual Schedule Cards
  13. OT Word Search

Plus you’ll get these articles to support clinical practice for occupational therapy professionals;

  1. Creative Ways for OT Professionals to Collaborate with other OTs
  2. How to Find and OT Mentor
  3. Out of the Box Strategies to Advance as an OTP
  4. Was for an OTP to Reflect on Clinical Practice
  5. Was for an OTP to Reflect on Clinical Practice
  6. Ways to Network as a Busy OT Professional
  7. Biggest Challenge in Finding Online OT Resources
  8. Challenges to Advancing Clinical Reasoning as an OT Professional

All items in the OT Materials Bundle are digital resources.