One Hour Consult Call with Colleen

Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $100.00.

Want to make extra money? Tired of therapy burnout and want to add a creative income generator to your days?

Hop on a call for ONE HOUR call with me to get you started.

Book Colleen, the owner and creator of The OT Toolbox for a 1 Hour virtual call for $100. We’ll dive deep into your ideas, and I’ll come up with a strategic action plan to get you results FAST.



In this one hour call, we’ll go deep on your business plans. Want to take digital product creation to the next level?

We’ll dissect and come up a specific and strategic action plan to:

  • Identify your product idea
  • Come up with a customer avatar that feels the MUST buy your product
  • Determine the most desirable features of your product
  • Discuss marketing strategies that move you from product to sales, FAST

Colleen has worked in the online space for over 11 years, and made hundreds of thousands of dollars in online sales. I love to see others thrive, and when your digital product is designed to support others, it’s a literal ripple effect that impacts lives. Let me help you meet your goals.

This is a business-related call only, dedicated to helping you sell digital resources online. This is a consultation call for buyers of the Digital Product Creators Program. Therapy consults are not being offered at this time.