Pencil Grasp Play Book

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This 16 page digital file includes educational handouts and home program sheets for impacting carryover of a functional pencil grasp.

  • Information on what makes up a functional pencil grasp
  • Educational handouts on progression toward a mature grasp and how functional grasp may not look exactly like a dynamic tripod grasp
  • 3 pages of important terms to know related to pencil grasp and fine motor skills
  • Functional pencil grasp components and the underlying skills needed for efficient pencil use
  • Comprehensive play activity sheets to be used for home programs, activity planning, education, and therapy programming


Working on pencil grasp doesn’t need to be frustrating! This comprehensive play book includes educational information on the fine motor skills that make up a functional pencil grasp. So often, students are referred to occupational therapy evaluation for pencil grasp. This guide will describe what makes up a functional pencil grasp, and the specific fine motor skills that impact a functional pencil grasp. Use the printable pages to educate parents, teachers, and everyone on the child’s team. Also included are exhaustive lists of play activities that develop each underlying skill area.