Prewriting Game Boards with Bonus Tracing Worksheets


Enhance prewriting skills effortlessly with our digital download featuring 12 ready-to-play game boards. Print and enjoy these no-prep activities throughout the year, designed to promote engaging prewriting practice. Plus, receive a bonus set of 6 pages with prewriting shapes for tracing.

This is a digital product.


Elevate your prewriting practice with these Prewriting Game Boards featuring 12 engaging game boards designed to enhance prewriting skills throughout the year.  Make prewriting practice enjoyable for your students by incorporating these fun games into your repertoire. Watch as children stay engrossed while simultaneously refining their skills!

What’s Included:

  • 12 game boards, a comprehensive materials list with clear instructions
  • Bonus tracing worksheets for the prewriting shapes in the game boards to include circle, cross, X, square, rectangle, and triangle
  • Comes in full color and black and white

Game Play Instructions:

Materials Needed:

  • Board game markers or tokens (e.g., foam shapes, mini erasers, coins)
  • A die or homemade paper dice with numbered squares
  • Prewriting tool of choice (e.g., fingertip drawing in rice or potato flakes, drawing on gel or dish detergent baggie, small drawing tool and paper, or sticky sticks/play dough)

Steps to Play:

  1. Roll the die and move the marker the designated number of spaces.
  2. Draw or trace the shape indicated on the space landed.
  3. Optional: Roll the die a second time to determine the number of repetitions for completing the prewriting shape.

Inject excitement into prewriting practice with these interactive and enjoyable game boards. Instantly downloadable, this resource provides an engaging way to reinforce essential skills for children.