Therapy Theme Planner


Are you an amazing school-based OT professional looking to level up your therapy game? Seeking a magical tool to plan out your weeks in advance with themed therapy activities? Use this digital Therapy Theme Planner is a time management tool to help you plan out therapy sessions weeks in advance so you never have to worry about what to do in your therapy sessions.
Introducing the revolutionary Therapy Planner!


This digital, printable therapy planner is the ultimate go-to for amazing occupational therapy professionals. Get ready to plan out your weeks with ease using therapy themes that support the goals and abilities of an entire caseload.

Our Therapy Theme Planner is a digital, printable therapy planner is perfect for…

  • Busy treating therapists and therapy assistants
  • Occupational therapy professionals with full caseloads and no time to plan
  • Therapy providers striving for organization and time management
  • School-based therapy professionals looking for tools to support pushing into the classroom or pulling students for one-on-one sessions

…and more!!

Are you seeking a sense of purpose and direction in your therapy sessions? The Therapy Theme Planner is a digital, printable therapy planner which guides you through session planning for an entire caseload– the possibilities are endless when you have the right tools.

The Therapy Theme Planner includes:

  • Seasonal and Evergreen therapy theme list
  • Therapy theme planner: breaking down a theme into skill areas to target activities that meet the needs of your caseload
  • Planning pages- Print off the set and create plans for each skill area, materials needed, special notes, and graded activity needs
  • Planning tools for activities: sensory bins, obstacle courses, brain breaks, crafts, fine motor activities, gross motor tasks, life skills, and more
  • Therapy themes: year at a glance planner
  • Month at a glance planner
  • Week at a glance planner
  • Daily planners
  • Attendance tracker
  • Therapy theme stations planner- great for group sessions or classroom centers
  • Themed life skills/functional skill planning tool
  • Morning and afternoon schedule sheets

Also included with your purchase:

  • Quick at-a-glance therapy theme list
  • 12 month Planning Calendar for planning weekly themes
  • 7 Therapy theme sheets for loading your planner with activity ideas: apple theme, back-to-school theme, football theme, pumpkin theme, spider theme, penguin theme, and polar bear theme

Start off the school year with three therapy themes ready to go for the first month of school (considering that the first week of school is getting schedules set), then use the other themes in October and December/January.therapy theme planner

Perfect for school-based OT professional!

This comprehensive tool is 22 printable pages of planning materials. Purchase includes therapy theme sheets for several themes to get you started.

Organize your therapy planning and action steps all in one place. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to clarity by grabbing your therapy planner today.