Homemade Nativity Set ** 25 Days of Christmas Play**

This homemade Nativity Set is entirely kid-make, and uses things you probably already have around the house.  We love this Nativity for it’s creativity inspiring craft, and imagination play that is sure to follow.  This would be a great group craft too-for a Sunday School class.  Make this DIY Nativity now and play all Christmas season!

DIY Nativity Set made by kids for pretend play, imagination, language, and creativity
With my 19 month old, anything under the Christmas tree is in danger of being broken. I wanted my 4 year old daughter to be able to play with a Nativity Set, but not have to worry about it getting broken by her brother. We decided to make a project out of this…here is the result:

 To make a DIY recycled Nativity Set with your kids:

This cute little Nativity Set was made out of an empty cardboard box that my daughter painted green and brown with a little white on top to make the roof look textured like straw.  We gathered some clothes pins covered with cloth and felt to make Mary, Joseph, and the Three Wise Men.
She did all the painting herself!  She was so happy with the way it turned out and I think she did a pretty awesome job 🙂
We cut out a foam star to glue on the top, then we let the box dry for a few days. 
For the people, she painted the clothes pins and gave them cute little faces.
Who couldn’t love this cute little face?
Mary was clothed in some scrap fabric that I collected at a fabric store. You know the little squares they have samples of?  I have a TON that I have collected just for little projects like this.
Baby Jesus’ cradle was more of a raft, but that is ok!  I am so impressed with all the creativity my little girl had when making this.
I was listening to my daughter as she was playing and heard her say “Jophes, I think we should call him Jesus”.  Guess we need to work on the pronunciation of Joseph with her,lol!
Mary and Joseph did a little dance on the roof while Baby Jesus was sleeping.
We had so much fun working on this together and now we have a cute little Nativity Set that is easy to pack up (put all of the pieces into the box) and keep out of the way.  But…if someone decides to trample under the tree and break everything in sight…this is something we could easily make again!

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