Pot O’ Gold Door Wreath

“Top o’ the morning to you!”

We have been busy, busy, busy…

day last week we had the cousins over and us Sugar Aunts got to
brainstorm up some pretty cool ideas.  I love that even in our 30’s, we
are still “playing”.
  Sometimes these projects are more for us moms than
they are for the kiddos!  I love thinking up ideas and using my
imagination even as an adult!  This project was fun for everyone.
This is what we came up with!

 We made this wreath out of a bunch of things we found around our house…
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple colored plastic grocery bags
A Wire Hanger

Cardboard (this was what finally came of the bear cave!) 

Glitter (gold flakes)
One small black garbage bag
Mod Podge

Stretch out the wire hanger into a circle.  You can keep the hook on the top to use as a hanger on the door, or fold it in (that’s what we did).

We cut the bags into one inch by four inch strips.
This is such a great re-use for these old bags!

We kept the colors separate and in order of the rainbow.

We then tied the strips all around the wire hanger.  We just did a simple one knot, nothing fancy.

This is where the big old box from the living room baby bear cave came in handy!  We had this box in our living room for a week and it finally bit the dust.

I cut out little two inch circles and cut out a pot shape.

My daughter had fun with the Mod Podge and gold flakes.  My son had a little too much fun with the gold flakes…
There were gold flakes all over the house after this project.  I guess there are worse things that could be all over the floor.  At least they are pretty 🙂

We spread Mod Podge all over one side of the cutout pot.  My daughter used her muscles to help it stick.  We then folded the sides and glued them under.

This is the deconstructed wreath, looking pretty good!

We used more Mod Podge to layer the gold into the pot.  I cut out a piece of cardboard and ended up putting Mod Podge all over the back of it to use as a backing.  By morning this was dry and I was able to slide the hanger up under the cardboard.

I am really proud of our door wreath!  
The colors really pop and you can see it across the street and still tell what it is.  My daughter is especially proud of this because she helped!

“May your pockets be heavy and
your heart be light

May good luck pursue you each
morning and night”

We are ready for a
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

The Sugar Aunts