Creative Painting for Kids

Try these creative painting ideas for kids!
This week we had so much fun playing both inside and outside (depending on the weather).  This included some indoor play at the mall and some outdoor play at the park.

We found an amazing carnival with tents and colorful strings of lights, the night ended with a beautiful sunset.  It made for a wonderful summer evening with great memories.
We are making the best of this Summer 2013!
Thank you all for stopping by again this week to share your creative ideas with us. 
We love seeing what everyone has been up to.  This week we chose some fun painting activities for kids. 
These are great on the hot summer days when you just want to stay indoors or sit on the porch.  Not to mention it keeps the kids busy and provides your fridge with some beautiful artwork while school is out for the summer 🙂
Inspired Montessori– shared beautiful apple stamp art.  This fun and creative activity is great for kids any age.
Serenity You created magic artwork by first drawing on paper with a candle.  I can see my daughter loving an activity like this with a secret message!
Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds combined shaving cream and water colors for some awesome finger paints.  What a great mix of sensory play and artwork!
Laughing Kids Learn if  you are looking for some mess free painting check this out!  I love the ideas for mathematics and literacy she shares.
Janis Cox made a beautifully textured hand print turtle by adding nut shells for the turtle shell.