Sight Word Sticky Easel

This was a fun post to write, and more importantly it was fun to PLAY this one!   We made this Sight Word Sticky board on the easel to practice a few of Big Sister’s sight words with a fun fine motor twist.  Big Sister, Little Guy, Baby Girl, and Little Niece and Nephew all enjoyed this sticky board easel  activity. 
At one point there were hands everywhere sticky leaves up on the sticky board.  We used different colored leaves to help the littler kids to learn some of their colors.  Big Sister liked reading the words as she went along sticking letters up on the tree.  We went with a leaf theme, but this sight word activity could be modified to so many different themes, all using a few items.  Check out what we did…
We received the books from Set 1 for beginner readers from BOB Books to review.  We were so excited when the package arrived with our book set. 
Big Sister opened the first book up as soon as she got home from school and started reading her way through it!  This was her first real book that she’s read through by herself and was so happy that she could do it!  You could see her confidence overflowing when she read that book!  So what did she do then? She pulled out the next book and read that one too!  This was such an amazing experience for us both.  She was all smiles when she finished those books! 
The fact that similar characters are in each book helps with carry over with new readers.  Each book is only 12 pages, so it’s short enough that she didn’t lose interest or become overwhelmed.  I loved the consistent sounds and words in each book. These beginner books are just what I have been looking for as Mom of a new reader.  I wanted a book that would allow her to have confidence so she wouldn’t give up as she learns to decipher words. These books were just that!  We are so excited to be working our way through the books and can’t wait to get started on the next one!

Sight Word Sticky Easel

We made this activity to go along with some of the words in the third book, as well as some of the words Big Sister has recently learned in school. 
For this activity, we used (Amazon affiliate links) Foam Sheets , Clear Contact Paper, and our Crayola Magnetic Double-Sided Easel
to do this activity.  First, I cut little leaf shapes from different colors of the foam sheets.  I wrote out the words on the leaves.  They were in one of the bins on the easel and ready to grab.

For the tree, I drew a quick tree shape on the non-sticky side of the contact paper.  I pulled the backing from the contact paper and attached it to the easel with some tape.

The kids LOVED this!  There were hands in every direction as they stuck leaves to the contact paper. 

Big Sister would tell us the words on the tree and the younger kids would tell us the colors.  Little Nephew and Baby Girl played with this much longer than everyone else, just pulling the leaves from the contact paper and sticking them back up again.

Reaching up to the easel and placing the leaves on the contact paper was a great fine motor activity for them.

Later, I found an interesting thing stuck to the contact paper…
cheese! So funny!