Crafting Poms Learn and Play with Craft Poms

Crafting Poms are SO versatile in children’s activities.  They are not only a crafting essential, but also such an amazing learning tool!  Play with crafting poms is almost instantaneous when you pull out a package of these fuzzy, colorful, soft materials.  When we heard about the Ultimate Guide to Crafting Materials hosted by Craftulate, we KNEW that we had to join in on the fun and post about crafting pom poms.  We wanted to put together a bright and colorful post all about our favorite ways to craft, create, learn, and play with one of the ULTIMATE crafting materials…crafting poms! 

Learn, Play, and Create with Crafting Pom Poms

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Learn and Play with Crafting Poms

 Playing with Crafting Poms

  Is it just our kids, or do yours do this too…when we pull out a bag of craft pom poms, there immediately, is a ton of bouncing, rolling, flying balls of fluff sailing across the table, being rubbed on little noses, held gently in little cupped hands…and just lots of plain silliness happening???  There is just something about these cute little fuzz balls that make kids (and Mom) happy and ready to create and play! 
We’ve got a few crafts, activities, and developmental play ideas for you all about Crafting Pom Poms.
This Fine Motor Strengthening Color Match Activity worked on so many fun things!  We matched colors to the bright pom poms and worked on intrinsic muscle strength as the kids pinched the clothes pins to grab up the matching pom poms.   This was a big hit and so adaptable with different colored poms.  you could use this Colored Squeezer Tweezers Set
to match the colors of poms as the child pinches them up and places them in a bin or even a matching bowl, like this
colored plastic bowl set.  Pinching the crafting poms up with clothes pins or tweezers is a great way to strengthen and develop the arches of the hands.  This development is so important in handwriting and endurance while coloring.

Learning with Crafting Poms

Toddlers and preschoolers alike love picking up crafting poms, and putting them into bottles.  The skills developed in an activity like Fine Motor Play with Crafting Pom Poms are many!  Small children observe cause and effect and color identification all while working on tripod grasp, bilateral hand coordination, and finger isolation.  They are LEARNING so much! 

Crafting with Poms

We made this Line Awareness Craft Pom Snowflake Craft recently and put those crafting poms to creative use!  We used the soft little fuzzes to make a wintery craft that decorates our dinging room.  A little glue and a handful of crafting pom poms can make any dreary day a time to create!

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The Ultimate Guide to Crafting Materials is a HUGE list of crafts created with all sorts of items.   Head over to Craftulate’s page where you will find the list of materials and links to posts on each one.  Link up your crafting pom pom posts below.  We’d love to see how you’ve used them to create, learn, and play!