Chain Link Crafts and Activities for Kids

Fine Motor Skills are one of our favorite ways to play and functional development use of scissors, pencils, and independence in fasteners.  On Share It Saturday this week, we’re featuring Chain Link Activities.

We love the fine motor work that is happening through play with this activity.  When a child creates a chain using paper or other items, they work on so many fine motor skills.  Using both hands together requires bilateral hand coordination and is a necessity for cutting with scissors, buttoning a coat, and writing on paper.  

Linking the paper (or other materials) links together uses a tripod grasp, symmetrical movements, hand-eye coordination, dexterity, intrinsic muscle strength, an open web space, and endurance!  Wow, what a workout from creating a simple paper chain!  Now, think about the tape, velcro, or stapler that is used to fasten the chain links.  Little hands are using small muscles with this task.  When we started to think about all the benefits of creating a chain, we had to go looking for more chain link activities!

Chain Link Activities

Chain link activities and crafts for kids with learning letters, numbers, and even counting down to special events!

Chain Link Crafts and Activities for Kids:

Use pool noodles to make chain links. {Teach Preschool}
You can even encourage learning with paper chains!  Practice letters {Hands On As We Grow} or numbers {Glued to My Crafts} using paper chains.
Create a snake craft {Red Ted Art} using paper chain links.
Count down to a holiday or event using a kid-made paper chain link with activities.