DIY Rhythm Sticks and Activities

Rhythm and learning go hand in hand.  The beat of a tune and repetition of sounds make learning the alphabet and songs fun from a very young age.  We made these miniature DIY Rhythm Sticks using craft sticks for a fun beat activity with a little preschool aged learning.

DIY rhythm sticks and activities for preschool aged kids

DIY Rhythm Sticks for Preschool Kids:

We used just a few materials for this project.  Wooden craft sticks and embroidery thread that we received from our friends at were all that we used.  You can find the colorful thread for purchase here.  

To make the miniature rhythm sticks, simply wrap the thread around the craft sticks.  We made a few sets; some in patterns, others in random colors.  My three year old liked the wrapping motion of continuously stringing the thread around the craft stick.  The bilateral hand coordination with this task is a great way to practice hand-eye coordination through play.  There is really no end product that you are looking for with this activity.  Ask your child to be as creative as they like with the task of making their rhythm sticks.  It’s a great process art craft for preschoolers.  After you’ve got the thread on the stick, just tie off the end in a knot.  This is a part an adult might need to help out with.
DIY rhythm sticks and activities for preschool aged kids

Once our rhythm sticks were done, we started on creative learning through rhythm and rhyme.  You can find tons of musically inspired learning and play activities on our Music Learning Songs and Instruments  Pinterest board.  Be sure to follow along!  

Rhythm Sticks activities for preschoolers:

We practiced beat and patterns with our rhythm sticks.  Have your child sit criss-cross applesauce and hold a miniature rhythm stick in each hand.  Show them how to tap out a beat as you hit the sticks onto a hard surface or floor.  They can copy you.  Speak in a rhythm to say a rhyme or story as you both tap out the beat.  Add more complex patterns with tapping, movement, and sounds.  

Learn the alphabet with rhythm sticks:  Say the alphabet together as you tap out a beat.  The adult can say the letters along with the child.  To extend the activity, pause at different letters and point to the child so they can say the next letter.  

Counting with rhythm sticks:  Count to 10 or 20 while tapping out a rhythm on the floor.  You can extend this activity by counting by even or odd numbers.  You can alternate numbers between children and take turns saying the numbers.

Learn phone number with rhythm sticks:  As you tap out a beat with the rhythm sticks, say the numbers of your phone number.  You can also practice learning a home address with the rhythm sticks.

DIY rhythm sticks and activities for preschool aged kids

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