Visual Perception Info

Great! Thanks for grabbing the packet of Visual Perception Worksheets. 

Free visual perception packet and information

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How to use your visual perception worksheets:

Use them to work on various visual perceptual skills in a variety of ways. Try using various tools to connect the items on the worksheets, such as string, marker, finger paints, Wikki Stix, etc. The options are endless.

Print them off, slide them into a page protector sheet and use them over and over again with a dry erase marker.

Work on pencil control with some of the pages by having students trace the lines to connect matching items or make matches.

MORE VIsion and Motor Activities

Try these activiteis and resources to build your therapy toolbox:

Visual efficiency and motor skills

Development of eye-hand coordination

Vision activities for kids

Activities to improve smooth pursuits

Vision accommodations and activities

Visual attention

AND…I promised you big news on a visual processing resource. Here it is!

For more info and fun activities geared toward all things vision, check out the Visual Processing Lab! Yep, a lab! This is an interactive lab activity that will be email based and delivered right to your inbox. This is a short series of emails (4-5 days) that covers everything you need to know about visual processing, detailed information on various aspects of visual processing, and strategies that work.       

Get ready to learn all the ins and outs of visual processing, and gain strategies, activities, worksheets, screening items, and so much more. This resource is huge!   

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