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Looking for more tools to use in teaching letter formation? Try these ideas:

Free Letter Formation Slide Deck– This is another slide deck that has a scribble theme to work on letter formation. Kids won’t be scribbling those letters, though! They will be working on fine motor skills, visual perception, gross motor, and more…all needed to write letters clearly!

Writing Trays– Use items found in the home like an outdoor sandbox, a low tray of rice, or dry noodles.

Shaving Cream on the Table

Lowercase Letter Formation Activities

10 Ways to Teach Letter Formation

Letter Reversals

Fine Motor Alphabet and Play Dough

Magnetic Alphabet and Spoons Game

Here are more teletherapy activities to use in virtual OT sessions

Teletherapy activities for kids

Work on fine motor skills in teletherapy

Teletherapy games and worksheets

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