Apple Playdough Shape Cards


Play dough is a fun, versatile tool.  Grab this set of apple themed shape cards to build fine motor, visual motor, strength, and dexterity skills.  This printable set of pages is a must have for students!

Students love play dough.  Sometimes they need a little direction with their dough making skills, before it gets all over the classroom carpet!  Caregivers love themed lesson plans.  What better way to combine a teacher’s love of apple themes, with a student’s love of playdough. These print and go cards, available in color or black and white, will be a great addition to your back to school fall theme.

With this set of cards, students will mold playdough into different shapes, press dots or small manipulatives into the dough, then create these shapes on their own.  This multi-sensory learning tool is an excellent way to teach shape recognition, as well as gather critical data.


This set of 6 printable cards includes:

  • Three colored pages of apple shape designs, or twelve shapes
  • Three black and white pages of the same shapes (12 shapes)
  • A data tracking page for students to record what they have completed and copy the shapes.  This page can be saved for gathering valuable data on progress throughout the year

How to use these cards:

  • Print and laminate these cards or slip inside a page protector for most effective usage
  • Cut the shapes into individual cards, laminate, add playdough and manipulates for a task box or fine motor center
  • Students roll their play dough (or therapy putty for a stronger workout) into long tubes to place onto the corresponding shape
  • Students can press their play dough onto the shape to make an entire shape, rather than simply an outline
  • Roll balls of dough to place along the outline of the shapes
  • Press different objects into the dough to enhance fine motor dexterity. Items such as beads, toothpicks, pencils, mini erasers, large sequins, buttons, coins, or whatever is floating around the classroom
  • Copy the shape design onto the data tracking sheet. This can be laminated for multiple use, or created as a single use printable

Skills addressed using apple themed play dough cards:

  • Fine motor strength – strength can be increased with therapy putty instead of play dough
  • Kinesthetic awareness – this means learning by doing
  • Hand strength and dexterity – creating dough shapes and copying designs builds hand muscles and develops muscle control
  • Visual motor skills –combining what is seen visually and what is written motorically.  It takes coordination to be able to translate information from visual input to motor output. Coloring, drawing, counting, cutting, and tracing are some visual motor skills
  • Dexterity
  • Precision
  • Bilateral coordination (each hand has its’ own role)
  • Following directions
  • Task initiation and completion
  • Attention to detail, focus, turn taking, sharing
  • Compliance
  • Impulse control
  • Sensory skills – visual, olfactory, auditory, proprioception

Take these printable cards with you on therapy visits, build them into a classroom fine motor center, or make amazing task boxes!