Pencil Grasp Quick Visual Guide

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This 5 page packet is designed to help OT practitioners  identify and explain pencil grasp patterns. Use the pencil grasp pictures to educate and explain pencil grasp as it progresses developmentally. The pictures and typical age descriptions, can be used to better understand pencil grasp. This comprehensive packet includes:

  • Pictures of typical grasps, functional grasps, and inefficient pencil grasps
  • Ages of progression that children typically follow in pencil grasp development
  • Notations to identify pencil grasps by name

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This pencil grasp guide is a visual tool to help identify various pencil grasp patterns. Use this digital download to match grasp patterns to a child’s grasp to better understand typical grasp development, functional grasp patterns, inefficient grasp patterns, and “out-of-the-box” grasps that a child may use when holding and writing with a pencil.

This digital product contains five (5) pages of images, grasp names, and typical age that the grasp pattern may be observed.

Therapists can use this grasp guide as a quick visual screening tool to identify needs in motor skills, grasp patterns, and grasp development.

The printable packet includes:

  • Images of each grasp pattern
  • Names and typical age of development
  • Notations on functional/efficient or inefficient grasp patterns

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