Fine Motor Fastener Fingers Game Boards


Fine Motor Fastener Game Boards are a fun way to build functional self-help skills!

Fastener Fingers Game Boards is a collection of 10 no-prep game boards designed to build fastener manipulation skills, finger strength, and coordination. Say goodbye to the humdrum of routine fastener practice, as these printable play-ready game boards inject an element of fun into your fine motor skill development toolkit! Capturing kids’ attention, these engaging game boards make functional hand skill improvement an enjoyable experience, transforming routine practice into an interactive and engaging challenge. Elevate your fine motor activities with this set of FUNctional game boards today!

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Fine Motor Fastener Fingers Game Boards includes 10 game boards that you can print and play to work on learning how to use fasteners which is a very important self-help skill for kids! If you have children that are simply tired of the routine practice, add these fun games to your toolkit!

While playing these games, children will perform functional finger moves that work on fastener skills using fastener boards, but you can use any fastener apparatus or clothing item. Children will work on learning how to button, snap, zip, tie, and lace while taking turns. These fun game boards will keep functional work playful while using a simple game board approach to address important fine motor hand skills.

How to Use the Self-Help Skills Game for Kids Packet:

You will need some of these easy to find items: Board game markers or tokens such as foam shapes, mini erasers, coins, etc., and a coin to flip or pieces of paper cut into squares with numbers 1-3 written on them to create paper dice.

To play the board game:

  1. Flip a coin or shake and toss folded paper dice pieces. For a coin, if it lands on heads move forward one space. If it lands on tails, move forward two spaces. For paper dice, open one folded piece and read the number to move that many spaces.
  2. Complete the fastener activity shown on the space with or without assistance as needed.
  3. Continue until game play is over.

They are a great tool to use in individual and group OT sessions, in centers in the regular or special education classroom, and in the home school setting. Simply, print and have FUN!