Motor Skills Exercise Wheel


Need a fun engaging tool to get your students motivated to move?  Look no further!  The Motor Skills Wheel is a great resource to teach coordination, balance, and sequencing skills.  Yoga exercises can help with self regulation in and out of the classroom.


Use the Motor Skills Wheel during transitions, sensory breaks, include it in a sensory diet, or as a home exercise program.  This program comes with 30 different poses in a game format for ease of teaching and to entice reluctant learners.


The Motor Skills Exercise Wheel includes three wheels and a top cover, four circles total.  Each wheel has ten different exercises and yoga poses to improve strength and coordination.

How to use a Motor Skills Exercise Wheel

  • Decorate, color, and embellish the wheels as desired
  • Make several copies for students to customize their own Motor Skills Wheel
  • Print on cardstock to improve sturdiness, glue the wheels onto posterboard, or laminate the wheels after coloring
  • Secure the four wheels together with a brad (here is an example of what they look like).  There might be other tools you can use to secure your wheels, but these are the easiest
  • Have learners spin the wheel, then imitate the pose they see on the card.  Younger learners might need a demonstration of all of the poses first
  • Learners can spin the wheel multiple times, then remember the pattern of moves to complete in a row


Other Ideas to use the Motor Skills Wheel: 

  • Learners can practice coloring inside the lines, cutting, gluing, and other fine motor skills one session, then use their wheels another time.
  • Students can practice social and communication skills by describing what the pose looks like to other learners.  This is more difficult than it sounds
  • Add an obstacle course where learners spin the wheel, remember the pose, complete the obstacle course, then imitate the pose on the card
  • Students can name the poses or look up traditional yoga poses for ideas. Check out the ALPHABET MOVES pack for ideas


Skills Addressed using the Motor Skills Wheel

  • Balance – how long can your learner hold the pose before falling. Compare left and right sides if this is unilateral
  • Coordination – these poses involve coordinating both sides of the body, the upper and lower body
  • Sensory processing – vestibular and proprioception are needed/built with these exercises.  Yoga type poses are a form of “heavy work” which helps with self regulation of the sensory system
  • Sequencing – what part of the moves does the learner focus on first?
  • Visual memory – looking at the cards, remembering what each one means, then replicating them in order
  • Motor planning – how the learner moves their body into the poses
  • Attention/focus – students need to attend to the poses and concentrate in order to execute them and keep their balance
  • Communication/social function – these motor skills exercises, when done in a group, encourage social skills, communicating with others, and working alongside peers

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