Handwriting Observations and Data Collection Kit: Preschool Edition


Working with preschool and Pre-K children in occupational therapy or early intervention services?

This shape formation and pre-writing screening tool can be used in observations and data collection to assess and analyze a child’s progression in pre-writing skills.



This tool is a screening tool and supplement to standardized testing for preschoolers that includes basic stroke imitation, shapes, numbers, and name letters.

Occupational therapy practitioners working with preschoolers will find this pre-handwriting data collection kit enhances the evaluation process by providing one central place for a pre-handwriting sample to be collected with scores for easy monitoring of progress and overall readiness for formal handwriting education and skill development.

The screening tool can also be utilized as frequently as the therapist would like to track the child’s progress.

In addition, this tool breaks down 4 areas of possible error in letter, number, shape and stroke formation, allowing for targeted therapy treatment to be developed. This breakdown of skills allows for clear explanations to be provided to parents of their child’s specific deficits with pre-handwriting and overall readiness for handwriting.

The kit includes extensive directions and a data sheet with scores for errors in 4 different categories. These scores are not standardized, but are in place to help the clinician track the child’s progress with handwriting over the course of treatment.

Handwriting Observations and Data Collection Kit: Preschool Edition includes:
● 15 pages
● 1 examiner summary sheet
● 5 child record sheets
● 4 data collection sheets