Honey Bee Activities -Therapy Kit


Honey, I’d “bee” so grateful if I had a pre-planned lesson for the week.  

Say no more.  Introducing the brand new Honey Bee Therapy Kit!

This honey bee therapy kit includes activities to work on visual perception, cutting, writing, gluing, letter recognition, handwriting, fine motor skills, dexterity, as well as growth mindset. 

Don’t spend precious time in your day searching for endless themed worksheets. This Honey Bee Therapy Kit is amazing, while being all inclusive. A themed kit allows you to use your energy working with students and documenting their progress.


Why use a themed therapy lesson plan like this Honey Bee Therapy Kit? 

  1. Use these bee activities to support learning about all things bees
  2. Use bee crafts, bee motor skills activities, and bee exercises to develop fine and gross motor skills
  3. Print off the re-usable bee activities and build skills!

Honey Bee Activities

What’s in the Honey Bee Therapy Kit?

This printable kit of therapy tasks includes all things honey bee activities!

  • Cut and paste bee craft
  • Pencil control bee paths
  • Beehive eye hand control game with letter recognition cards
  • Uppercase, lowercase, and number honey bee cards in both black and white and color
  • Busy bee brain breaks cards
  • Scissor skills cutting shapes, simple and complex
  • Bee letter formation sensory cards
  • Motivating poster
  • Bee themed growth mindset cards
  • Copy the picture – coloring, visual perception, dexterity page
  • Push pin press – use a push pin/paperclip/toothpick to push through the paper along the lines
  • Bee shapes – cut these out and attach a pencil, craft stick, or clothespin to the back. Use for the drawing paths, as a pencil topper, or clothespin magnet craft
  • Fine motor bee paths – use a writing tool, the bee on a stick, or other method for drawing inside the lines
  • Writing prompts – If I had a pet bee…, If I was a bumblebee….
  • Different sized paper for writing prompts, to be used for different levels of handwriting
  • More fine motor bee paths – skinny lines in several different patterns to address manual dexterity and precision 
  • Honey bee hive mazes – use a writing tool, or something to mark the path along the way
  • Honeycomb fine motor game – use a dice to determine how many small objects to pick up and place on the hive. Work on in hand manipulation, counting, as well as dexterity
  • Word search honeycomb
  • Visual motor honeycomb activity – cut the letter tiles, then rearrange them to make sure all of the letters are touching their matching partners. Not as easy as it sounds

These pages can be graded to make them easier, or more challenging. Many can be laminated for reuse.  Several activities can be turned into task boxes for independent seat work. 

Take this honey bee activities therapy plan even further by: researching honey bees, exploring the making of honey, tasting honey, reading books about bees, and more.

If you are looking for done-for-you bee activities, then you are in the right place…

  1. It is a major time saver for developing handwriting, fine motor skills, self-regulation, visual motor skills, and more
  2. The bees activities are super cute and friendly looking
  3. A honey bee theme is gender neutral, and appropriate for many different ages and skill levels
  4. It is flexible, easily modified, and serves as great data collection material
  5. This bee activity kit is cost effective. Not only in the time saved having to create this therapy program, but the pages are reprintable, reusable, and many can be laminated for group play.
  6. There are tons of skills addressed in this one therapy kit. Writing, coloring, cutting, letter recognition, following directions, visual perception, manual dexterity, and self confidence are just some of the valuable skills learned while working with these honey bees.