How-to Life Sequences Made Easy – Cut & Paste


Introducing “How-to Life Sequences Made Easy”! This engaging resource is designed to make learning life skills a breeze for children. Featuring 12 essential how-to sequences, kids can dive into the process of completing tasks successfully.

Each sequencing sheet is equipped with helpful labels to guide children through the correct order of steps. However, the real challenge lies in examining the images and applying visual discrimination skills to identify the right image to cut and paste within the sequence pattern.


This captivating tool is crafted to effortlessly teach children vital life skills. With 12 indispensable step-by-step guides, youngsters can explore the art of accomplishing tasks with ease.

This new resource offers kids a chance to delve into 12 essential daily routines, guiding them through each step. With both horizontal and circular worksheet options, it brings variety to their learning. The covered life skill sequences include:

  1. Making breakfast
  2. Setting a table
  3. Washing dishes
  4. Packing a lunchbox
  5. Getting ready for school
  6. Brushing teeth
  7. Washing hands
  8. Crossing the street
  9. Starting the school day
  10. Eating lunch at school
  11. Cleaning the bedroom
  12. Getting ready for bed

Through engaging with these sequences, children will not only enhance their fine motor skills but also develop visual motor coordination, visual discrimination, and a deeper awareness of essential life skills. Dive into “How-to Life Sequences Made Easy” and watch as your child’s confidence and independence grow!

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